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Those who have never experienced a Reiki session naturally have many questions, the first of course being…What Is REIKI? 

Reiki is the life force permeating all beings, sentient and non-sentient. This energy emanates from the physical body of all beings. Reiki is not massage, nor based on belief, religion or suggestion. In addition to using sessions to address illness or injury, Reiki is calming and soothing, enhancing one's personal wellness. Still not sure what Reiki is? I’m not sure either! I only know what I feel and listen to what my client feels. I will share two ideas that came to me when a close friend and client, also a student of mine, asked me how to explain to her family a modality they found questionable. I asked her, “Have you ever walked into a room and immediately felt uncomfortable or uneasy or… happy and welcome, though no one had yet greeted you?” Then I asked if she’d ever been out somewhere and felt she was being looked at, or watched, only to turn and find that it was so? What is that? What is she feeling? It’s some kind of energy being felt, but as to whether or not we will ever be able to define this extra sensory ability humans have, I can’t answer. 

As a certified Reiki practitioner, I have been trained to be sensitive to the energy emitted by your body. Working with this energy addresses toxins (illness) on a physical level, while activating your body's natural healing abilities. Reiki is a truly holistic modality, affecting not only the body, but mind and spirit as well–your mental and emotional being. For example, those suffering everything from grief, turmoil and anxiety, to lack of focus, anger, or stress, seek Reiki treatments to help with these issues.

What does Reiki feel like to the receiver? 

There are some consistent comments I have received over the course of my practice that you might find interesting.


  • Sensations of warmth, heat, sometimes even coolness, or cold–like a Reiki heating pad or ice pack
  • A pleasant tingling 
  • The sensation of water going up and down the body, and/or along arms and legs 
  • People coming in with a headache are often surprised to find it is gone by the end of the session, or soon after. 
  • Many times people say that though my hands have moved from an area, it feels as though they’ve remained there for several minutes. 
  • Those suffering from chronic pain, as well as people recovering from surgery and medical treatments, quite often find relief and comfort, so that less medication is needed. This enhances and hastens recovery. 


  • Deep relaxation, calm, soothed 
  • Feeling that a burden has been ‘lifted,’ feeling ‘lighter’ than before the session 
  • Feeling revived, rested 
  • Many clients report sleeping better after having been unable to do so for some time. Also, many have experienced vivid dreams during, and/or the night of a session. 
  • There are people who have cried during and/or afterward (it’s ok! Crying is a catharsis). Tears release toxins, pent-up anxiety, stress, sorrow, regrets. 
  • Adults as well as children diagnosed with ADHD say they have the sensation of floating; that the session allowed their mind to quiet down. Racing thoughts were replaced by a calm, relaxed feeling of peace. 

What kind of Reiki experience will I have? 

A session in our Ashburn, Virginia office can be as different each time as the individual receiving Reiki, because what is ‘presented’ comes from you. Whatever you present for healing, whether consciously or unconsciously, is what is addressed at the time. It is important to know you do not have to believe in it. The fact that you are open to trying means you have a healthy dose of curiosity. You will benefit from receiving Reiki whether or not you believe in it. 

It is also important to know that Reiki is never harmful. And my intent, when I do a session for you, is that you be empowered to discover your innate healing abilities. The energy may be subtle, but that does not mean it is not powerful. You may not feel anything on a physical level, but that does not mean it does nothing for you. Sometimes one becomes so deeply relaxed during Reiki that it is not until the day after or so, that one begins remembering details about the session. 

Here is one of the most powerful, most interesting points. We all deal with very difficult circumstances in our lives from time to time, whether physical (health), mental, or emotional. Those may not change–but people tell me their ability to deal with their challenges does change after Reiki sessions. It is their perspective that shifts. They are inspired by new ways of handling physical difficulties, or, issues with those around them. And this shift in how they see things? It’s very healing. It’s liberating

Please consider a Reiki session at our Ashburn, Virginia office a treat for yourself, or a friend or loved one. At the very least it will be a time out from stress, from worry, from all the issues that go around and around in your head day to day. I love introducing people to Reiki. I hope to meet you soon!

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