Reiki Testimonials

  • "Though our session was short, it was very powerful. My throat--which had been sore and hoarse–became very warm during our session. I found the warmth to be very soothing and healing… especially when it spread to my chest and solar plexus. For a few days after the session, I continued to feel the warmth and energy in my throat and chest. I also found that my voice was stronger, smoother, and more relaxed after our session. I highly recommend Terri for anyone who is looking for healing in any way!"
    – Renee C (Actress/writer)
  • “I was impressed that you were able to detect the areas where I was having minor issues. To me, it was very convincing that Reiki was "real".
    – Alvin W
  • “Regarding the Reiki session I had, the two things I remember - one was the heat I felt when she was over my back, specifically my right hip. I remember saying something at the time and also I went off in another dimension for a bit. Felt wonderful when she was finished. Nice and relaxed.”
    – Lee M
  • “I am surprised by how much I feel I am getting out of Reiki. I have been trying a lot of things to get myself to a healthy state (so much has happened physically, emotionally, etc.) and Reiki is the first thing that has actually yielded palpable results. I feel like I just started on a journey or maybe like you said I have always been on it, but now have finally gotten on the right path.”
    – PK
  • Excerpt: “Reiki has supported a quiet process of transformation in my health, beginning with tangible and lasting stress reduction. One Reiki session also resulted in the identification of an undiagnosed illness, which was subsequently verified through medical tests and successfully treated. The latest news was of an unusual nutritional deficiency, which I initially ignored, but this, too, was unexpectedly identified in tests and is currently under treatment. Reiki has been a wonderful complement to traditional medicine and is a full partner in my search for wellness, wholeness, and peace.”
    – ML
  • Excerpt: “Reiki has had a huge impact on my life in ways that are far beyond anything I could have imagined. I have suffered from anxiety/depression most of my life and was so tired of taking medication doctors had been prescribing me. I gave Reiki a try, desperate for something to work and hopeful that this might decrease the debilitating panic attacks I was suffering from so regularly. I started noticing a difference after my first session and became hooked. I was sleeping better, I had more energy, and I felt as though I was getting my life back. From day one, Terri was easy to open up to. I felt as though we had known each other for years. Her passion for what she does truly shines through in all of her sessions. I always thank her for changing my life, as I was in such a dark place when we first started therapy. She insists that the work that I’ve done is why I have made such a drastic change, but I certainly couldn’t have done it without her.”
    – TM
  • Excerpt: “In becoming healthy after breast cancer, I followed the expert advice of the best doctors at Johns Hopkins Medical, but none could answer why I felt so exhausted. After my first Reiki treatment I knew I had found a way to rebalance my energy and release built up stress that was impeding my return to normal. I was amazed how centered I’d feel for days and even a week after every treatment. As an adult with ADHD, I have learned many corrective behaviors to maximize this over active brain. Reiki is 100 times better than any medication as it shows me how to slow down my racing thoughts and energy and create quiet spaces between thoughts.”
    – LC
  • “I love seeing Terri for Reiki sessions, it is the highlight of my week! Being a massage therapist I am very picky about who I go to. Terri has an extraordinary gift for healing. It is such a relaxing and calming experience. I feel mentally/physically centered when I leave. With all the stresses in life, it is wonderful to have time to focus on my body/breathing along with Terri’s positive energy. I have referred my friends to her and they love her the same. We always say “she is amazing.” Have you ever had such an amazing experience that you find it hard to put into words? A Reiki session with Terri is like that.”
    – CK

What Kids Are Saying About Reiki

I love seeing children/kids of all ages, and I thought you’d enjoy reading some of their comments!

"Reiki helps me with my migraines, with congestion and even stomach problems. I also want to tell kids it doesn't hurt. It feels like you're hardly being touched. It's very light and gentle." It's like you are half asleep but half not. You're dreaming, but you know you're awake."

Miles, Age 11 

"Reiki makes me feel very relaxed. Like I'm about to fall asleep. It feels like I'm floating and spinning in the air. It's awesome! After Reiki I feel invincible!”

Michael G. Age 11 

"It is very relaxing. When I came in with a headache, it was almost gone by the end of the session. I really like it."

Briana Age 16

"I liked the song pod–it was nice. It was relaxing. I felt like I went away. I felt lots of tingling."

Britany, Age 14

“I feel less crabby.”

Ty, Age 10

“It’s calming and relaxing. It slows your mind down and gets you thinking straight. It also helps me sleep better.”

Hunter, Age 15

“I’m sleeping better.”

Zoe, Age 11

“It’s relaxing and I feel calm and protected. I felt more energized at soccer practice the next day.”

Cameron, Age 11