Peak Performance & Mental Skills Coaching

Peak Performance and Mental Skills Coaching Sessions

Performance psychology and mental skills training is a facet of psychology that focuses on building mental and emotional resilience to enhance performance. This can be applied to a variety of areas such as sports, the business/executive arena, public speaking, school performance, military populations, competitive musician/dance, and any other arena where optimal performance is required under pressure. This psychological service focuses on achieving optimal performance and maximizing mental, physical, and emotional health by applying psychological principles to facilitate peak performance, enhance physical ability and advance mental resiliency.

Mindfulness strategies and biofeedback training are often integrated with mental skills and peak performance psychology approaches. Each plan is tailored to each client's unique and individualized goals. 


Mind Body Connect 360’s psychologist, Dr. Lindsey Berjansky is an expert in providing peak performance and mental skills training services for teen athletes and performers, as well as working with tactical professionals and business executives that are required to perform well under pressure.


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