Psychology Services - Individual Counseling & Peak Performance

You’re enjoying success and then suddenly life takes a turn. You’ve lost your edge and now you’re wondering how to get it back. You may be excelling at your job but feel that something is missing, and you can’t put your finger on it. You have friends and family but feel a lack of connection. You’re a high performer, but your thoughts are keeping you from reaching peak level. 

Being knocked off course wasn’t your plan…so now what? Life is moving along, but you find yourself questioning whether the status quo is enough. You don’t merely want to sleepwalk through life. You want to THRIVE, rediscover your inner brilliance, and live life on your own terms - whatever that may look like for you - and have some fun along the way! 

You are thinking about talking with a psychologist and pursuing individual therapy/counseling services but wonder if you should make the call. 

Yes, you should…because it can change your life!

Individual Counseling Sessions

Adults – Ages 18 and up. 

Motivated Adolescents (ages 13-17) 

How do we define “motivated?” Adolescents who are interested in talking with a therapist and have a genuine desire to be in therapy. 

Tweens (ages 11-12)

Peak Performance and Mental Skills Coaching

Adults - Ages 18 and up

Adolescents (ages 13-17)


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Free Initial Psychological Services consultation 

It’s important for you to feel like you’re making the best choice in finding a psychologist. According to research, having a good fit with your psychologist is one of the most important predictors for having a successful outcome. This is why we offer free 15-30 minute initial consultative chats by phone, secure video conferencing, or in person. No deep dives into your psyche--just an opportunity for us to decide together if booking an individual counseling or peak performance session is the best next step. You won’t be considered a client of the practice until you book a formal therapy session so no pressure for commitment. 

Schedule free consultation

We see clients for a wide variety of concerns. Here are some common themes that typically emerge in individual counseling sessions:

  • Understanding the mind-body connection and its application
  • Building confidence
  • The everyday difficulties that hold you back
  • Self-esteem and being hard on yourself
  • Managing emotions
  • Anxiety, worry, and stress
  • Body image concerns
  • Life transitions: school, career, moving, marriage, becoming a new parent, etc.  
  • Work/life balance
  • Mindfulness and learning to live in the moment
  • Emotional effects of Lyme disease
  • Difficult family relationships and boundary setting
  • Healing from painful relationships
  • Therapy for depressed mood
  • Perfectionism
  • Getting clarity to make major life decisions
  • Public speaking anxiety
  • FOMO, relationships, and social media

Peak Performance and Mental Skills Coaching Sessions

Performance psychology and mental skills training is a facet of psychology that focuses on building mental and emotional resilience to enhance performance. This can be applied to a variety of areas such as sports, the business/executive arena, public speaking, school performance, military populations, competitive musician/dance, and any other arena where optimal performance is required under pressure. This psychological service focuses on achieving optimal performance and maximizing mental, physical, and emotional health by applying psychological principles to facilitate peak performance, enhance physical ability and advance mental resiliency.

Mindfulness strategies and biofeedback training are often integrated with mental skills and peak performance psychology approaches. Each plan is tailored to each client's unique and individualized goals.